Changes on

We are happy to announce that is now part of Webo Group ltd. as a result of a company restructuring. We are also updating our policies.
As we continue to grow, we’re moving our operations under the new company and therefore updating our Privacy Policy and General Terms.

We are making these necessary changes to allow future company growth and further expending and improving quality of service.

🏷️ New name and changes

No worries, we are still the same team as you know, we are just restructuring and changing the company name to Webo Group ltd. Our team, services, owner and locations are not changing.
As a customer, you will notice a new company name on the invoices, with new payment information. 

No other changes will be made. We were not acquired or merged with a third-party company, so your personal data is not disclosed to any third party.
For those paying via bank, note that our banking information has changed, updated information are available on our website and on any upcoming invoice.

✔️ What is changing?
Here is a full list of changes:

– Company name to Webo Group ltd
– Company banking information
– Company bank account
– EU VAT ID and registration number
– Updated Privacy Policy & General Terms

What is NOT changing?
Here is a list of things that are not changing:
– Company ownership, team and locations.
– Company values and what we stand for.
– Privacy and data security.
– Quality of service
– Prices

📜 Changes to Privacy Policy and General terms

We are only updating the Company name to “Webo Group ltd” from the current one and payment information. Nothing else has been added or changed in our policies.

Read updated policies in full:
👉 Privacy Policy
👉 General Terms and Conditions

💬 Frequently Asked Questions

Check a list of FAQ for more information

Do I need to take any actions

You do not need to take any actions, your future invoices will be automatically issued with a new name and banking information.
If you are using bank transfer or any other automatic payments via your bank to ours, you will have to change Bank account information. You can find new information on top of this page or on any of the future invoices.

What are new Company Informations

Webo group ltd
Flandrova ulica 17
1000 Ljubljana
Phone: +386 (0)68 60 50 33
IBAN: SI56 3000 0002 8720 378

Changes to Bank Payments

If you are using bank transfer or any other automatic payments via your bank to ours, you will have to change Bank account information. You can find new information above or on any of the future invoices.

Does this affect my data or privacy?

No. Your data and informations stored with us, will not be transferred, moved or disturbed. There are no changes who owns your data and with who data and information are stored.

Is there a third party involved?

No. There is no third party involved. We were not bought or merged and there is no change in ownership and location of the company.

Why those changes?

In the past years, our company has grown and it was time to expand and allow growth in the future. In order to allow this, we needed to change our company structure from a sole proprietorship to ltd.

Are they any upcoming changes to pricing?

No, we will not change prices based on this change and we do not have any price increase planed.

💭 Looking for more information?

We are here to answer all of your questions!