Nextcloud Secure

For all home users that want a private and secure home for their data with an added layer of protection. Nextcloud Secure user account comes with enabled encryption, an easy to use interface like Dropbox or Google Drive and ransomware protection.  Available with online Office documents editing and tons of storage space at affordable prices.

Single User Account

Preinstalled Apps

Encryption Enabled


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Nextcloud Secure

Basic package includes:

🙋‍♂️ Single user account
💬 Talk included
📑 Online Office documents
✔️ Pre-enabled Apps
💻 Unlimited sync clients
🔒 Daily Backups
🎉 No setup fee

Starting with 50GB
Drag the slider to desired storage.


Nextcloud Hub

Nextcloud Hub now available in all packages!
Nextcloud Hub allows you to share your files, send and receive emails, manage your calendar and chat with your team via Talk, and work simultaneously on your document files with OnlyOffice or Collabora.

Nextcloud Files

Nextcloud Files offers universal file access on all platforms. Find, share, collaborate or lock files until you are done with them. Share your thoughts in comments with team members, customers and partners. Nobody except those you shared with has access to those files.

Proudly powered by:


Enabled Apps

on your Nextcloud Secure account







Collabora Online

Quick Notes

Flow Upload

Mind Map

Ransomware Recovery







PDF viewer


Camera RAW




Cross platform
Access to your files from all devices


Secure and Protected

Nextcloud Secure packages offer everything a Nextcloud Single option does, and more! Additional apps, security and protection for your data.  Nextcloud detects issues with its installation and warns when it finds unknown or modified files.

A secure and private Dropbox or Office 365 alternative.


Nextcloud Talk

Screensharing, online meetings & web conferencing stay private and secure inside your Nextcloud or mobile App. Nextcloud talk is included in Admin offers, with additional options available.
Learn more about Nextcloud Talk

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Customer support

You can contact us at any time through our support center, or call us between 09:00 and 22:00 (CET).


Daily backups

Backups are preformed daily on safe remote location. Backups contain your files, databases and even mails.



Safety is very important to us and we closely monitor all services. As soon one service doesn’t work properly, someone gets notified.


No worries

Relax while we maintain your Nextcloud instance for you, regular backups and updates are performed by our team.


Enabled Apps

You can enable any apps available in the public store, create documents, polls, maps and even chat with others.


1Gb/s connection

Enjoy your new VPS with lightning fast connection all up to 1Gb/s with no bandwidth or transfer limitation.

Clear prices
no empty promises

We hate hidden costs, small print and confusing pricing as much as you do!


Clear pricing

No hidden cost with nonsense and meaningless add-ons created just to milk you.


Full backup included

All of your data is backed-up for free! Not just 10,20,30GB all of your data!


Free Support

No need to pay extra for basic support, free support during the working hours!


Cancel anytime

Pay as you go, cancel anytime without obligation, contract or other obliging nonsense!


No funny business

We do not sell, collect, analyze or in any way make a profit out of your stored data!


Clear policies

No weird obligations that you can find elsewhere like “you are obliged to provide us with backup”


45 day Webo Warranty

We believe in the quality of our service. If you’re not 100% satisfied with, we’ll refund your payment. No hassle, no risk.

Other benefits of
service hosted with us:

PHP extensions included

Free UTF8MB4 (4byte) support

Memcache/Opcache included

24/7 Service monitoring

Business & DPA Contract

Unlimited Bandwidth & Clients

TURN & STUN servers included

Free stand-alone OnlyOffice

Free stand-alone Collabora server

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! We make daily backups and we keep backups on safe remote servers.

Yes, you get full admin access to your Nextcloud via webinterface.

No. You do not get direct SSH access to the server. Our team will manage server and server level configuration.

Yes, you can install any apps from the Nextcloud App Store.

You can add unlimited number of users to your cloud, the only limit is determined by your ordered disk space.

Yes, you can use encryption on Nextcloud Business VPS, Single Secure, Nextcloud Family and Dedicated servers.

Yes, we are! We follow all laws, including GDPR

No! Nextcloud is a totally private and secure home for your data! will never sell or disclose any of your data stored in your Nextcloud with the third party!

45-day warranty on our services means that in case you are not satisfied with our services and ask for a refund in the first 45 days from activation (no reason given) we shall fully refund the amount paid. Reimbursement does not include domain registration and purchase of SSL certificate, because those services can not be canceled once they are activated, but they can be used elsewhere without any issues.