05 Apr

Servers with NVMe SSD drives, now even faster than before

NVM ExpressWebo.hosting has introduced new servers with even faster hard drives from what we had until now. New hard drives are so called NVMe SSD drives which outperform classic SSD drives when it comes to speed. Reading and writing speeds and number of IO operations per second are far greater. Server speeds will be greatly improved, particularly for servers and applications that perform many disk related operations.


This time we exceptionally offer a discount on VPS servers with NVMe drives. Special offer lasts until 30.04.2017 and brings you a 20% discount on each ordered VPS. When ordering, simply use the code “NVMe2017”.

To order VPS use link below:

Linux VPS

Windows VPS

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08 Dec

SSL certificates and Google Chrome

On 01.01.2017 Google Chrome will start informing website visitors about insecure websites which don’t use SSL certificates (HTTPS) to encrypt connection. This might be frustrating for all website owners, who will still use unsecured connection (HTTP) for data transmitting.

By using SSL certificate on your website, you also improve your website position among results on Google.

We are well aware of this fact and therefore we offer free SSL certificate for each website, hosted on our servers. You can install it by yourself, with only few clicks in less than a minute. If you need additional warranty on your SSL certificate, you can choose to buy a certificate from our SSL certificates offer.

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11 May

Webo.hosting offers free SSL certificate for each website

At Webo.hosting you can install SSL certificate for each website that you host on our servers. SSL certificate beside additional security also provides better ranking in the search engines.

What is the difference between free and premium SSL certificate?
Free SSL Certificates are provided by Internet Security Research Group (ISRG), which is an open organization for issuing certificates and is sponsored by many well-known large companies. Unlike payable SSL certificates, there is no compensation, since this is a free service.

Are these certificates secure?
Certificates are made taking into account the best practices and as such, we can easily say that they are completely secure.

Why free installation?
We do not see any reason why not, if we can provide this service for free.

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